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The original design comes from Australia where catamaran style hulls dominate the saltwater boat market due to the rough conditions.

Both sizes have a high bow that can cruise at displacement speed into a steep head sea, something that other cats don’t do very well. The tunnel is also rounded for superior strength and softer landings, when compared to catamarans that have squared off tunnels. The 9 foot, 3 inch beam makes it easy to trailer.

Each model is constructed with exceptional attention to every detail, something that you can only get from a boat manufacturer that builds each boat one at a time, custom rigged, to the owner’s specifications. All composite construction - NO WOOD.
LOA 23' 8"
Beam 9' 3"
Max HP 300
A Proven hull design with a long history of providing a smooth dry ride, able to withstand the punishment of extreme conditions.
LOA 30' 3"
Beam 9' 3"
Max HP 600

Horizon 3000 and Seaward 2400 from Eastward Boats on Vimeo.